Last night I enjoyed the pleasure of hearing the founder of MANNA Worldwide speak. Bruce is a longtime friend; we go way back! In fact, it was our pleasure to start two MANNA Feeding Centers in South Africa. MANNA Worldwide has grown considerably since its humble beginnings just 15 years ago. It’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Currently, 102 Feeding Centers, 23 orphanages, 15 schools, 20 medical facilities, and sports centers help missionaries and churches serve close to 15,000 children worldwide. MANNA Worldwide Partners and Supporters serve over 3 million meals to hungry children every year!

As I listened to Bruce speak, I asked myself, “Why has MANNA Worldwide grown at such an explosive rate?” Five words came instantly to mind:


MANNA Worldwide works almost exclusively through local churches on location. In the 40 countries MANNA serves, almost every ministry is conducted through a church in a particular locale. The Church has long suffered the criticism of turning its back on those suffering just outside the door’s reach of the congregation. MANNA Worldwide helps the Church become the hands and feet of Jesus.


MANNA Partners living in location of feeding centers, hospitals, schools, and sports centers provide accountability for the program. Missionaries and Intercultural workers implement and oversee most projects. These Partners make sure funds actually reach the projects and children for which they were given; a huge problem in charitable giving.

During our many years in South Africa, a large Christian humanitarian group claimed to feed 4,000 children in an area where we ministered near our home. They set up a small office in this particular area. The office only appeared to open when Americans came out from the United States. Likewise, children received care only when American visitors were present. After the inspectors returned to the States, the feedings stopped.

MANNA Partners live full time at the locations of feeding centers and schools ensuring integrity of the program and ministry. More importantly; children really do receive love and care!


MANNA does exactly what it claims to do. Providing funding for the Church to cloth, feed, educate, and care for children around the world. 92 cents of every $1.00 gets to the children it claims to serve. Whether food in the bowl of a hungry child, books for learning, clothing, sports, or medical care — MANNA dollars hit the target 92% of the time. That ranks in the top of charitable giving! This is accomplished in part because all MANNA associates and directors raise their own support.

Here’s the thing. Children actually receive nutritious meals, schooling, and medical care! Programs provide better lives for children’ gripped in the cruel harsh cycle of poverty.


Working through churches and its MANNA Partners, MANNA offers hope to suffering people. This hope impacts those outside the church’s door. One MANNA Partner shared, “The Muslim parents in our area allow their children to attend our church because we provide their children with meals and education.”

Once in our church in Ladysmith, South Africa I introduced myself to a new face in the congregation on a Sunday morning. After inquiring to the nature of the person’s visit, he replied, “I wanted to see the church that cares for my hungry grandchildren. We are suffering.” 

For me, the great impact of MANNA Worldwide is seeing hungry malnourished kids transform into happy healthy children! One Zulu mother in her Zulu language shared, “Thanks for making my child’s eyes sing again!”


MANNA Worldwide Directors, Associates, Partners, and Volunteers passionately rescue children in the grip of poverty. In doing so, MANNA brings them to a Jesus who said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them!”

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