10 Reasons Your Church Can’t Keep a Pastor

What marks most pastors who speak with us is their brokenness.  In every case, pastors resigning from their churches are broken, beaten, and discouraged. Pastorless churches are a paradoxical development in the United States. While plenty of clergy abound in the US, fifteen hundred pastors leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention […]

Letter From a Young Haitian Pastor

The following differ is an email sent to me by one wholesale nfl jerseys of Haiti’s young church leaders after my recent visit.  It was my first time to meet him.  Enjoy as I enjoyed our time together.  As English is his School third language, thought he did a great job writting this. Question:  Was […]

The Key to Leadership – When the Enemy of Your Enemy is Yourself

Nestled into a cozy corner at a well-known family restaurant, we looked forward to a nice Sunday afternoon lunch.  With our food and drink order completed, we began a long anticipated conversation. This is one of my favorite times; just Kathy and me talking.As we began, a conversation at the next table intrigued me. “You’re doing it again, aren’t you,” Kathy […]